Dr. Massad's forthcoming textbook
covering his methods from A-Z will
be released in both hardcover print
and digital at major book retailers
and Amazon.

Over 300 color images and access to
viewing 20 streaming videos to help
illustrate techniques

1.   Assessment of Edentulous
Patients Includes
2.   Orthopedic Resolution of
Mandibular Posture Includes
The Patient Interview
The Facial Analysis
Prosthetic Factors
Oral Characteristics
Conditioning Abused Tissues and Stabilizing the Existing Prosthesis
Materials Properties and Technique
Re-establishing Orthopedic Mandibular Position
3. Definitive Impressions Includes 4. Fabricating Trial Denture Bases, Occlusal Rims, and Mounting a Central Bearing Device Includes
  Preimpression Considerations  



Impression Fundamentals


Impression Materials

  Fabrication of Trial Denture Base and Occlusal Rims  
  Fabrication of Maxillary Wax Occlusal Rim  
  Fabrication of Neutral Zone Mandibular Occlusal Rim  
Developing an Esthetic Blueprint Includes
Contouring and Shaping the Maxillary Occlusal Rim
6.   Registering the Maxillo-Mandibular Jaw Relationship Includes 7.   Neutral-Zone Registration Includes
FaceBow Recording
Centric Relation Recording for the Edentulous Patient
Centric Relation Recording for the Partially Dentate Patient
Recording the Physiologic Neutral Zone for Edentulous Patients
Recording the Physiologic Neutral Zone for a
Dentate Patient
8. Second Laboratory Procedure: Selection and Arrangement of Prosthetic Teeth Includes 9. Trial Placement Appointment Includes
  Indexing the Esthetic Blueprint Record  
  Indexing the Neutral Zone Record  

Selection of Anterior Teeth


Maxillary Anterior Teeth Arrangement

  Trial Placement  
  Evaluation of Esthetics  
  Evaluation of Phonetics  

Evaluation of Occlusal Vertical Dimension (OVD)

10. Denture Placement Includes 11. Use of CAD/CAM Technology
for Recording and Fabricating Neutral-Zone Dentures Includes
Placement of Immediate Dentures
Placement Procedures
Evaluation and Adjustment of Intaglio Surface
Registering the Neutral Zone during Impression Making
Registering the Neutral Zone during Maxillo-Mandibular Records

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