Lecture Reviews

Lecture Reviews

14 Hours CDE ! | Scottsdale Center

My comfort level from case analysis to post insertion follow up has increased dramatically. Thanks.

David Frausto, Prescott Valley, AL | Scottsdale Center

This was one of the best hands on programs I have attended. The instructors were great, the facility was top notch and the course material was unbelievable, easy to follow with things I wish I knew 8 years ago. The best part is I can immediately implement what I learned in my practice on Monday when I get back.

David Hennington, Gerogetown, TX | Scottsdale Center

Excellent, fact filled course with pearls. I will immediately be able to put them to use. Dr. Joseph J. Massad's support team (dentists, assistants, lab techs, etc.) was exceptional! The course definitely met my high expectations.

Carol McGonigle, Tuscon, AR | Scottsdale Center

This is one of the best 2 day courses I've been to. I am confident I will be able to provide a greatly needed service to my patients. I also loved being involved in the service to some wonderful people who wouldn't have dentures without this opportunity.

Curt Leciejewski, Rehoboth Beach, DE | Scottsdale Center

I have attended over 100 hours of CE courses each year over the last several years and the Dr. Joseph J. Massad group has finally got it all together. I cannot think of one critique I could bring forth. Like the patient stated to me about his new set of teeth vs his old ones "I settled and was happy with my Ford until I got my Cadillac. This course is the Cadillac of any CE experience I have ever taken. Thank you.

George Drury, Portland, OR | Scottsdale Center

This program met and exceeded my expectation, taking what I learned in dental school and bringing me into the 21st century. It was great to learn techniques that simplify the denture experience and accuracy.

Matt VanderMolen, Springfield, IL | Scottsdale Center

Dr. Joseph J. Massad, Thank you for taking the mystery out of denture treatment and giving a systematic program to follow to ensure the best possible success with denture patients.

Megan Farrelly, Jackson, NC | Scottsdale Center

The positive interaction among dentist, cdt's, patients and instructors was inspiring. All the instructors (dentists and technicians) were just so eager to share their knowledge base with all of us...how can you not be excited about dentures when you've had this incredible opportunity to learn from such a caring and skilled group of people?

Steve White, Tulsa, OK | Scottsdale Center

This course showed me that it is possible to deliver excellent dentures to my patients. It described an easy to follow protocol that I look forward to bringing back to my practice.

John Hooker, Cary, NC | Scottsdale Center

In over 23 years of dental practice, the best CE course with the best presentation that I have ever taken. Dr. Joseph J. Massad's instructional approach, knowledge and ability to articulate material in a practical method is phenomenal and practice enhancing. I believe I can be an outstanding removable clinician because of this course. Thanks for the privilege to attend.

C.K. Owens, Ferandina Beach, FL | One on One

I think this was the best day of CE I have had since I started practicing. That has been a long time and I have taken a lot of CE. The preparation, the presentation, the energy, and the ability to teach were all terrific. Thank you Very Much!