Neutral Zone in Prosthodontics

Neutral Zone in Prosthodontics

Dr. Joseph J. Massad forthcoming textbook covering his methods from A-Z will be released in both hardcover print and digital at major book retailers and Amazon.

Over 300 color images and access to viewing 20 streaming videos to help illustrate techniques


1 Assessment of Edentulous Patients Includes

  • The Patient Interview
  • The Facial Analysis
  • Prosthetic Factors
  • Oral Characteristics

2 Orthopedic Resolution of Mandibular Posture Includes

  • Conditioning Abused Tissues and Stabilizing the Existing Prosthesis
  • Materials Properties and Technique
  • Technique
  • Re-establishing Orthopedic Mandibular Position

3 Definitive Impressions Includes

  • Preimpression Considerations
  • Background
  • Impression Fundamentals
  • Impression Materials

4 Fabricating Trial Denture Bases, Occlusal Rims, and Mounting a Central Bearing Device Includes

  • Fabrication of Trial Denture Base and Occlusal Rims
  • Fabrication of Maxillary Wax Occlusal Rim
  • Fabrication of Neutral Zone Mandibular Occlusal Rim

5 Developing an Esthetic Blueprint Includes

  • Contouring and Shaping the Maxillary Occlusal Rim

6 Registering the Maxillo-Mandibular Jaw Relationship Includes

  • FaceBow Recording
  • Centric Relation Recording for the Edentulous Patient
  • Centric Relation Recording for the Partially Dentate Patient

7 Neutral-Zone Registration Includes

  • Recording the Physiologic Neutral Zone for Edentulous Patients
  • Technique
  • Recording the Physiologic Neutral Zone for a Dentate Patient

8. Second Laboratory Procedure: Selection and Arrangement of Prosthetic Teeth Includes

  • Indexing the Esthetic Blueprint Record
  • Indexing the Neutral Zone Record
  • Selection of Anterior Teeth
  • Maxillary Anterior Teeth Arrangement

9 Trial Placement Appointment Includes

  • Trial Placement
  • Evaluation of Esthetics
  • Evaluation of Phonetics
  • Evaluation of Occlusal Vertical Dimension (OVD)

10 Denture Placement Includes

  • Placement of Immediate Dentures
  • Placement Procedures
  • Evaluation and Adjustment of Intaglio Surface
  • Technique

11 Use of CAD/CAM Technology for Recording and Fabricating Neutral-Zone Dentures Includes

  • Registering the Neutral Zone during Impression Making
  • Technique
  • Registering the Neutral Zone during Maxillo-Mandibular Records