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Need to learn more about removable prosthodontics? A click of the mouse will produce an “expert,” complete with titles and affiliations. But is he a trustworthy and reputable source? You see his name beside those of the masters and read the praise of those who introduce him to the podium. But does this “internationally renowned expert” and “key opinion leader” know how to teach you what you need to know?
Credentials and accolades notwithstanding, it’s the words of our peers that convey the essence of who we are—words such as “world-class educator,” “visionary,” “innovator” and “advocate,” as shared by the peers of Dr. Joseph J. Massad. What follows is a small sample (see “Through the Eyes of his Peers Participant List”).

Laura Bruck is a Cleveland, Ohio-based freelance writer and editor who has specialized in health care since 1987.
Master Communicator, Lifelong Educator

Time and again, dentists return to Joe’s practical “real world” presentations, knowing that he wants them to succeed in this difficult and neglected area of dentistry. Following Joe’s recommendations ensures that success.

Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
Provo, Utah

Joe’s presentations are second to none. What others take entire books to explain, Joe conveys with clarity, simplicity and unsurpassed creativity. He is a respected colleague and friend with a passion for learning and sharing, who enthusiastically includes others in his pursuit of knowledge and excellence. He inspires all who meet him to raise the bar and do what’s best for our patients and the profession as members of the “Dr. Joseph J. Massad family of colleagues.

David L. Hoexter, DMD
New York, NY

We do 265 courses each year and I put Joe at top of the list of presenters.
William O. Butler, MS University of Texas, School of Dentistry

San Antonio, TX

If it’s a Dr. Joseph J. Massad article or presentation, you know you can rely on its content and veracity.

George Freedman, DDS
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For decades, Dr. Joseph J. Massad expertise in complete dentures has provided his course attendees with sound and practical information.

Charles Goodacre, DDS, MS
Loma Linda, CA

Dr. Joseph J. Massad is widely respected as a clinician and presenter. He is truly one of our profession’s elite.

Stanley F. Malamed, DDS
Los Angeles, CA
Expert and Innovator

I consider Joe to be the world’s leading expert on removable prosthodontics—not just because of his extraordinary knowledge but also because of the innovative tools he has developed.

George Freedman, DDS

True to form, Joe took our “neutral zone” concept and ran with it—building upon the principle and turning a standard slide show into a top-notch animated presentation.

Frank J. Schiesser, DDS
Naples, Florida

Some use “magic” to describe Joe’s skills and talents; his prosthodontic work is phenomenal and his implant work is picture perfect.

Aloysius Kleszynski, DDS
Chicago, Ill
Advocacy and Integrity: A Lasting Legacy

Not only has Joe changed the way people think about dentures (especially dentures over implants), he has literally revolutionized the entire profession.

Irwin Smigel, DDS, Father of Esthetic Dentistry
New York, NY

Joe has consistently led the profession in providing the means to do better for our patients. His authenticity and integrity are evidenced by his commitment to teaching only about products and procedures that he has vetted in his own practice.

Samuel M. Strong, DDS
Little Rock, AR

Dr. Joseph J. Massad has done more to elevate the quality of removable prosthodontics than anyone I know.

Lily T. Garcia, DDS,
MS Iowa City, Lowa

Dr. Joseph J. Massad is a remarkable advocate for his field—one of the most misunderstood in all of dentistry. His easy-to-learn systems provide the tools needed to achieve mastery, and his feedback on our products and materials has been invaluable.

Devon O. Howe
President and CEO, Nobilium

Joe’s rare passion for dentistry extends to his patients, colleagues and all who come to learn from him. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known, and never misses an opportunity to strike up a relationship that will further our profession. His extraordinary kindness and compassion have improved the lives of millions.

Mostafa El-Sherif, DMD,MScD,PhD
Concord, NH